Difference Between Nigeria, Ghana — Davido

Iconic Nigerian entertainer, Davido, has shared his opinion about the difference between Nigeria and Ghana. In a chat with Ebro Laura Stylez and Rosenberg, the multiple award-winning singer stated that Nigeria, especially Lagos State can be compared to New York, while Ghana can be compared to California.

The radio show, Ebro Laura Stylez and Rosenberg is an American radio program based in New York City and hosted by Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez. It currently airs from 6 to 10 am. Common topics of discussion on the show include national news, politics, and celebrity gossip.

Speaking on the difference between Nigeria and Ghana, Davido said, “Let me just explain the difference between Nigeria and Ghana. Nigeria is like New York while Ghana is a place that is nice and calm like Cali (California). People tend to go to Ghnana because there are lesser people and more space. It is more of a vacation destination.

“But if you want to see everything in one; the good part, the bad part, you go to Lagos. Everything is in that Lagos, everything. If you can survive in Lagos, you can survive anywhere.

“That is why most of them from Lagos, they come straight to New York and they blend in. Lagos has beaches, they are beautiful, Islands — Victoria Island, Banana Island, Ikoyi. There are crazy structures going on there. I just bought a penthouse and you would think you are in Miami. It is big, crazy.”

Davido further spoke about his relationship with Burna Boy. According to David, at a point in their lives, he was really close with Burna Boy. He said, ” I spoke to Burna, he called me, but we have not spoken like that. He called me, Wiz called me. Funny thing is that we used to be really close.”


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