Pastor tricked mother, defiled daughter in Osun

The Pastor of Celestial Church, Ona Iye Parish, Ijeda Ijesa, Osun State, identified as Omiri Kayode has been arrested by the state police command for allegedly raping his client identified as Yemisi.

Findings revealed that the pastor whose church is located along Ijebu-Jesa road in Oriade local government area of Osun State, asked the parents of the young girl to bring her for a special prayer of deliverance on January 04, 2024, which was her birthday.

The pastor claimed he needed to do the special prayer alone with the girl, asking the parents to leave her with him in the church.

The suspect who has two wives, however forcefully had sex with the client under the guise of fortifying her against spiritual attack.

Narrating her ordeal, the victim who spoke in Yoruba in an interview, said she was given a message in school before the holidays to be prayerful in a bid to live long.

She noted that she informed her mother about the message who in turn, consulted Pastor Kayode for help.

The pastor told her mother not to allow her to use phone or call anyone on January 4, which was my birthday.

She said: “After cooking on the said day, I went to the church to greet him, but he told me I should stay back till night before leaving for home. He later came back to me inside the church where he told me that I must have sex with a male that is not my boyfriend to overpower spiritual attack.

“He later told me the holy spirit directed him to have sex with me to help me and he said I must not tell my mother, else, the whole of my family will be in danger.

“He later sent for my mother to bring my white garment and informed her I would not be returning home, but all effort to alert her was abortive. He then instructed that I should take my bath after which I should wear only the garment without any underwear but I wore my pant which infuriated him when he finds out.

“Later my father came with my mother with a view to taking me but he managed to convince him that I should wait for the 9 pm to 10 pm prayer session against his initial arrangement of 9 pm, 12 pm and 3 am during which he was to have a sexual session with me.

“Immediately my parents left, he dragged me inside his sitting room on a two-seater chair and forcefully had sex with me. He then sent one of his children to fetch prayer water from the alter before the boy returned I sneaked out and ran towards home.

“I later realised he was chasing me and I started shouting, which attracted my parents. I told them what happened and I was taken to the hospital after which the matter was reported to the police.”

Osun Police Command spokesperson, Yemisi Opalola confirmed the arrest of the suspect, saying the matter would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation for further findings.

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