Why we can’t investigate electronic fraud – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has directed Nigerians to file any suspected electronic fraud to relevant security agencies, saying it has no power to investigate such cases.

The commission urged telecommunications subscribers to report strange debit alerts from their accounts to financial institutions and carry the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and security agencies along.

Director of Consumers Affairs (NCC), Umar Alkazeem, in his opening address during the campaign, “Shine Your Eyes, No Fall Mugu” in Bauchi, said the commission can only enlighten the public on how to recognise fraud and protect themselves.

Alkazeem, who was represented by Banji Ojo, Head of Consumers Policy Development and Monitoring of the Consumers Affairs Department, said “We are sensitizing everybody to know where they go when there is an electronic fraud issue. In this particular case, it’s the responsibility of security agencies to investigate any crime committed using any SIM. NCC does not have that right.

“What we have said is that all SIMs must be registered and if there is a registered SIM that has not been traced, hold the Nigerian Police and the EFCC responsible. It’s not the fault of NCC. You can visit their websites if you have any complaints.”

He regretted that telecommunications subscribers are still being defrauded due to unnecessary trust in family, friends, and strangers by exposing their sensitive information on the internet and offline.

He said greed on the part of some network subscribers is exacerbating the illegal activities.

Alkazeem said that many people want quick money or multiple interests and click on fraudulent links asking them to confirm money that was given to them, thereby falling victim.

This is as he warned Nigeria not to give out five vital information on their debit cards.

He said that the information include; the 16-digit number, three-digit number at the back, the card name, expiry date, and the card PIN.


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