Palliative: Osun APC Falsehood Cannot Replace The Truth– Osun Gov’t

The Osun State Government has dismissed the accusation of the main opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) of hoarding the N2bn fund received from the federal government as a mere rhetoric of palace jesters, urging the people of the state to be wary of a imbecillic scheme by the opposition to pitch them against the performing Adeleke administration.

According to a statement signed by the Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Oluomo Kolapo Alimi, the State Government said it was unfortunate that the APC is counting on sheer misinformation to warm itself back into the heart of the people following its abysmal performance in government that is responsible for the resounding rejections suffered at polls from Osun people.

Oluomo Alimi maintained the Adeleke administration’s resolve to transparency and judiciously administering any resource in its possession unlike the experience with the immediate past APC government, assuring Osun people that the N2bn is safe and will be applied in a transparent manner to their benefits.

“The undeniable truth about the Osun APC is that it is seriously down, but instead of working on its inadequacies that is responsible for the pitiable situation it has found itself, the APC is taking to wild and irresponsible lies to hoodwink unsuspecting public,” he noted in the statement.

“For the APC to begin to peddle outrageous claims that this government is hoarding N2bn fund received from the FG is a clear sign of how low it has sunk. The APC has become consistent in peddling wild theories and cooking tales just to create a false impression about the Adeleke administration in the minds of Osun people.

“Osun people will note that the Osun State Government announced the receipt of the N2bn fund from FG, but to guide against the kind of experience of the abuse that featured prominently in the past, the Adeleke administration is carefully thinking through utilization of the fund especially when it is not a free gift as Osun APC erroneously tried to paint.

“We therefore called on Osun people to reject the antics of the APC as it was never borne out of genuine concern for their welfare, but mere political pandering. The Adeleke administration understands the tough situation that the removal of fuel subsidy imposed on them and is working within available resources to cushion the impact.”, the statement noted.

The Commissioner described the APC as an irredeemably divided and discredited political platform that has permanently lost any goodwill with Osun people, adding that “the more the party lied, the deeper it sank into oblivion with the voting public”

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