PDP Says Osun is Progressing Under Adeleke, Labels State APC a Waling Failed Platform

Osun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described the state’s All Progressive Congress(APC) as an irredemeably discredited platform swimming in political darkness and seeking redemption through false saintly garb and denial of impressive progress under the Adeleke administration.

This was contained in a statement signed by the state PDP party chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi on Monday.

The statement reads further;

“In the last nine months, the Adeleke governorship has been working tirelessly to clean up the mess the shameless accusers of today left behind through rebuilding the foundation of many sectors from infrastructures to health and education. Instead of APC to cover its head in shame for running the state aground, it found petty assignment in frivolous accusations which portray the opposition as sinking deeper into political oblivion.

” What is better tagged as ineptitude as the monumental failure of the APC administration that left the state infrastructure in total collapse, that destroyed the public service, that abandoned billions of critical state projects, that inhumanly mistreated workers and pensioners, that mismanaged state economy with over N 400 billion debt.

” What is more clueless than the APC government that left Osun as number 33 on public examination rating , that abandoned the state university without project support, that politicized the take off of University of Ilesa and that looted all government quarters in the most capricious manner in state history.

” The APC stewardship in Osun is so retrogressive and destructive that Osun people holistically rejected the party and its cronies at all levels of elections. That terrible governance era is still fresh in the minds of Osun people and our people are grateful that Governor Adeleke is rebuilding in close consultation with the people. The great performance of the PDP administration is self-evident for all to see.

” From November 2022 to date, the PDP administration has been successfully multitasking, addressing deficits in roads, water, health, education, sports and agriculture. The newly appointed commissioners are settling down and building their submissions for the next meeting of the state executive council. The special advisers are synergising with their commissioners to strengthen the delivery capacity of the government. The caretaker committees across the local governments are creating the local version of the five point agenda to deliver democratic dividends to our people.

” The state is witnessing an energized level of governance delivery to the people based on due process and rule of law. The State Governor just approved close to 200 Million naira to settle severance pay of former APC state lawmakers. That is politics without bitterness.

“The PDP Government is not like the former APC government in the state which has an indicting report from the Investigative Journalism Centre for awarding contracts and paying for non-existing boreholes to a single company within a day. Meanwhile , PDP boreholes across the 332 wards are functioning and serv8ng the people.

” The PDP administration observes due process in handling public funds including disbursement of palliative funds. We ensure stakeholders are properly involved unlike the former APC government that administered the state fiat with several cases of breaches of procurement and public finance regulations and laws. This is an accountable and transparent government which will not squander state resources as was the case in the previous government.

” Despite the failed propaganda of the sinking State APC, Osun people perfectly appreciate the performance of the PDP government. Our people know the evil called APC and they see on a daily basis service delivery of the Adeleke administration. We are therefore happy to report to the people that Osun is moving while the opposition can continue to wail in their deepening division, rejection and loss of strategic direction.

Meanwhile, the APC will get an invitation to attend the IPADE IMOLE slated for October 5.

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