‘Unacceptable Security Violation’: Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices if company integrates OpenAI at its OS level

Hours after Apple announced “Apple Intelligence”—its new generative artificial intelligence initiatives—billionaire Elon Musk blasted the announcement in a series of tweets and warned that if Apple “integrates OpenAI at the OS level,” all Apple devices will be banned at his companies.

Apple shares fell during premarket trading Tuesday morning.

Musk—who cofounded six companies including Tesla, SpaceX and OpenAI itself—said integrating OpenAI at that level “is an unacceptable security violation.”

He said in a follow up post that visitors, apparently referring to those going to his companies’ offices, would “have to check their Apple devices at the door” and they would be kept in a Faraday cage, which blocks electromagnetic fields.

On Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the next Apple operating system will have ChatGPT directly integrated into iPhones, which would allow the chatbot to write iMessages or answer other generative prompts.

Apple said in a release Monday that “privacy protections are built in for users who access ChatGPT,” adding their IP addresses are obscured and OpenAI would not store requests made of it, but added that ChatGPT’s data-use policies apply.


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