Kogi Governorship: Habibat Deen Urges Support For Okun Man As Next Governor Of Kogi State

Yagba, Kogi State – In a compelling rally during the Governorship campaign, Hon. Hajiya Habiba Muhammad Deen (Mrs), the PDP Deputy Governorship candidate, addressed a massive crowd in Yagba, emphasizing the importance of an Okun man taking the gubernatorial seat in Kogi State.

Deen, known for her inclusive approach to governance, passionately asserted that it was time for the Okun axis to lead after their longstanding support for both the Igala (east) and Ebira (central) regions.

Casting the upcoming November 11 governorship election as a pivotal moment in Kogi State’s history, Deen underscored the moral and ethical obligation to support Senator Dino Melaye, an Okun man, as the next governor. Recognizing the significant turnout of women in the rally, Deen commended the Okun women, expressing her pride at their unwavering commitment to the cause.

“As proud Okun women,” she declared, “it is imperative that we rally behind our son, Senator Dino Melaye, and ensure that an Okun man assumes the mantle of leadership at Lugard House come January 2024.” Deen emphasized that the time for an Okun governor had arrived and called upon Kogi State citizens to join forces in turning this vision into reality.

The enthusiastic response from the audience underscored the growing momentum behind Deen’s campaign message. Supporters echoed her rallying cry, affirming their commitment to making history with Dino Melaye’s victory. The atmosphere was electrifying as men and women from all walks of life embraced the call for a united Kogi State, where every region is equally represented in the highest echelons of power.

With the forthcoming November 11 election less than two months away, there is an air of anticipation throughout Kogi State. The race for the governorship has intensified, and Deen’s charismatic appeal, coupled with her persuasive argument for an Okun governor, has ignited a wave of optimism and renewed hope among residents.

As the campaign enters its final phase, the question on many minds is whether Deen’s rallying cry for an Okun man to assume the governorship will triumph over competing ideologies. Kogi State finds itself at a crossroads, poised to make a decision that will shape its destiny for years to come.

As election day draws near, the people of Kogi State wait with bated breath to determine if the call for unity and regional equality will resonate through the polls. For Hajiya Habibat Deen and Senator Dino Melaye, the path to victory lies in mobilizing Kogi State citizens, garnering support from every corner of the state, and rallying around the shared vision of a prosperous and equitable future.

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