“Those who Cannot Endure Defeat Do Not Deserve the Joy of Victory” – Tinubu tells Obi, Others

President Bola Tinubu has stated that candidates who refuse to accept defeat in the recent general elections should not be granted the privilege of celebrating their victory in future polls.

SAHEL gathered that during his Democracy Day Broadcast, Tinubu acknowledged the fiercely contested nature of the 2023 presidential election, attributing the outcome to the country’s evolving democracy.

Tinubu underscored the essence of democracy, highlighting its characteristic ability for winners today to become losers tomorrow and for today’s losers to have a chance to compete and triumph in subsequent rounds.

According to Bola Tinubu, “the beauty of democracy is that those who win election today can lose tomorrow, and those who lose today will have an opportunity to compete and win in the next round.”

He emphasised that those who are dissatisfied with the election results are currently availing themselves of the constitutional provisions to seek legal remedies, thereby showcasing one of the reasons why democracy remains humanity’s most remarkable system of governance.

The President described as natural the disappointment experienced by politicians who were not favoured by the results of the February and March elections.

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