Yeye Dupe Adeleke-Sanni has no Role in Purchase of LG Vehicles – Spokesperson

The Spokesperson to the governor of Osun state, Olawale Rasheed has clarified that Yeye Dupe Adeleke-Sanni has no role or hands in purchase of LG vehicles.

This was confirmed in a statement issued by Olawale on Sunday. The statement reads

“It has been brought to our attention the blackmailing attempt of the sinking opposition and belly-aching traducers in Osun state to drag the prestigious name and personality of Yeye Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni into what she knows nothing about.

“One of such blackmailing attempts is linking her to the recent purchase of official vehicles for local governments Caretaker Chairmen in Osun state.

“Let it be noted that the process involved in the purchase of the official vehicles for the local government Chairmen has nothing to do with Yeyeluwa. Due process was followed through Association Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON), their umbrella body, in purchasing those vehicles. Yeyeluwa Adeleke-Sanni was not in any way involved in the entire process.

“Just recently, a reputable financial institution ‘ICAN’ accorded Osun State with the topmost position as one of the best audit and financial compliance states. This administration is committed to due process, transparency and upholding of procurement laws.

“We call the attention of the public to the existence of the Freedom of Information Act which allows the citizens to seek information through a designated process. Peddlers of fake news are also reminded of the existence of cyber crime laws which prohibit fabrication and spreading of fake news among others.

“Going forward, any defamatory or blackmailing attempt from any quarters will be treated with the right and deserving legal actions. Relevant state law officers have been directed by Mr Governor to bring to book those committing fake news and associated cyber crimes.

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