Abuja Chamber Admitted into Global Chambers’ Climate Coalition

The International Chamber of Commerce has formally admitted Abuja Chamber of commerce and Industry (ACCI) into the Chambers Climate Coalition – a grassroots platform for local business climate action formalized by the International Chamber of Commerce ahead of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit in 2019.

In a communication with the ACCI on Monday, the ICC noted the Chamber Carbon Project of the Abuja Chamber of commerce and Industry, the first of its kind in Nigerian Chamber movement designed to support businesses in their drive to meet climate goals.

“I am pleased to share with you that ABUJA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY is now a member of the Chambers Climate Coalition. The Coalition is a recognized member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Ambition Alliance and key contributor to the Race to Zero campaign, meaning that your organization is now a part of the international movement to combat the devastating effects of climate change”, the correspondence from Paris noted.

According to the communication, the climate coalition has attracted support and signatories from a diverse range of Chamber members and leaders across the world, positing that ” the mission is to create a global forum that offers members actionable, real-world solutions and recommendations on cost-effective, sustainable business practices aligned with Paris targets.

“In parallel, we act as a trusted partner to multinational businesses and governments in identifying and implementing incentives which support small actors in their supply chains and their communities on their journeys to reduce their environmental impact. Our grassroots movement provides a unique opportunity to join an insightful, international network of chambers sharing best practices, policies and processes tailored for business needs. Association leaders can directly learn from peers about strategies they are takingto help members simultaneously address climate ambitions while growing their businesses, all while gaining a seat at the table to influence emerging global policy,” the communication from Paris noted.

Confirming the development, the Executive Director of ACCI’s National Chamber Policy Centre, Mr Olawale Rasheed said the recognition of the Chamber Carbon Project launched few month ago provides new impetus for the involvement of ACCI in regional and international climate mitigation advocacy.

“It is truly a positive development as the recognition and admission will further place Abuja Chamber on global map in line with the agenda of the Chamber leadership”, Mr Rasheed posited.

Olayemi John-Mensah,
ACCI, Media/Strategy Officer

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