Focus on nation-building rather than foreign trips for photo-ops – Bwala urges Tinubu

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Daniel Bwala, has urged President Bola Tinubu to focus on building Nigeria rather than going on diplomatic trips for “photo ops.”

The former lawmaker spoke on Tuesday while featuring on Arise Television’s programme.

Bwala was reacting to the recent deals announced by the presidency, detailing that Tinubu had secured several investments from international bodies for the country.

The former lawmaker argued that nothing has significantly changed in the lives of Nigerians, as he insisted that education, labour, and healthcare sectors were still going through challenges that had not been duly addressed.

“It would have been good news if, for example, it is true. Unfortunately, it is not.

“Mark what I’m saying, in the next one year, you will see nothing from Dubai as per investment. You will see nothing from India as per investment because they are just photo ops and statements. There are no specificities, there are no deliverables, and there are no timelines.

“Everything they said they secured as investment plans or promises could only be established by themselves. There is no one word from any investor in India that they actually committed to such,” he said.

He added that the President could only develop and make the country attractive when he focused on domestic policies, security and national interest.


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