Imole in Aso Rock: Paradox of a Coincidence -Ajagbe Ajeogbe

Of everything you may say about President Muhammadu Buhari, you cannot deny him that claim of electoral reform typified by the new electoral act. Beneficiaries transcend party lines even as the legacy of the electoral reforms is the strengthening of electoral institutions. President Buhari will be remembered for among other things righting the wrong of 2018 when a daylight electoral robbery was forged and perfected in Osun state.

Today, two events happened at the same time. Many are wondering about the coincidence. Others are still in shock as to why Governor Ademola Adeleke was having friendly banter with the president at a time the Tribunal sitting was ongoing at Osogbo. For weeks, the Governor had written for appointment for a courtesy call on the President.

Of course, it is a traditional courtesy accorded to all presidents by the newly elected Governor. But the President’s schedule was impossible until suddenly the Commander-in-Chief approved a date- January 12th, exact date for written addresses by counsels to both former Governor Gboyega Oyetola and Governor Ademola Adeleke. At a time the President was celebrating a product of his electoral act, his party man who was defeated at the same election, was frantically pushing to pull down that legacy.

So it was a significantly historical spectacle to see Governor Adeleke receiving a wild welcome across Aso Rock when his lawyers were reeling out 30 reasons why Oyetola’s election petition should be thrown out by the Tribunal. Strangely, It was the Adeleke caucus that is potently protecting the legacy of free and fiar election which President Buhari is sure to put in his memoirs as one of his best doings in power.

So what happened between Aso Rock and former occupants of Osun Government House? Why is Oyetola daring an all powerful Nigerian president?

Wait a minute before providing answers. The Buhari angle was not just the inter-connectivity. Less than two hours after visiting the President, the Vice President also granted the Osun leader a courtesy visit. Unprecedented. Yes, first of its kind , for a Governor to be so hosted by the Number one and Number Two citizens , on the same day even when the Governor was not of the same party with occupants of Aso Rock.

Today is clearly a signal to all who care to accept- that Osun matter has assumed a national dimension. The protection of Adeleke’s governorship now has the backing of potent decision makers beyond party lines. Those who have power of remote control have refused to deploy that power against the will of the people. Those who can arm twist the system have opted for due process, rule of law and upholding the right of the people to elect a leader of their choice.

Today in Aso Rock, light pervades the space as those in charge of Nigeria embraced peoples’ will, vowing never to be a party to underhand deals against an election adjudged as one of the best in recent Nigerian history. A friend called and said ” divine will seems to have again descended on Osun state “, positing that ” today’s happening is beyond human plotting”

In any case, to defeat a sitting Governor is first of all extraordinary. For the President to congratulate the winner is exceptionally noteworthy. Much more important is the presidential reception on a day as legally pointed as today.

All stakeholders are therefore enjoined to note that Adeleke governorship is a symbolism beyond even the Governor himself. It is a project that permeates the entire dimension, human and spiritual . It is clearly a product of a force superior to all earthly powers combined. It can only be the will of the supreme being, the creator of heaven and earth and all therein.

If anybody is in doubt about the above postulations, just engage in deeper thoughts on today’s coincidence.

• Ajagbe Ajeogbe writes from Iwo.

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