Senior police officer removed from position over illicit affair with subordinate

In a shocking revelation, Chief Superintendent Reason Ncube has been relieved of his duties as Officer Commanding Norton District after it was discovered that he was engaged in an illicit affair with one of his junior officers, Constable Ethel Kusangaya, who is married to Stalin Muvengwa.

The affair came to light when Muvengwa decided to install a car tracking system on the family vehicle, unaware of his wife’s secret relationship. Ethel, dressed in her police uniform, drove the vehicle to Norton, claiming she was going elsewhere. Little did she know that her husband was discreetly following their movements.

Chief Supt Ncube instructed Ethel to park her vehicle, and the two lovers proceeded on a romantic drive in his car, oblivious to Muvengwa’s presence. Realizing they were being followed, the officers sensed trouble and Chief Supt Ncube arranged for Ethel’s vehicle to be towed to a car park in Kuwadzana Extension.

Unfortunately, Muvengwa caught up with them before they could make their escape. Ethel pleaded with her husband not to resort to violence while she was in uniform.

According to sources, Chief Supt Ncube appeared apprehensive, sweating profusely, as he implored Muvengwa for forgiveness. Witnesses reported that Ethel was adamant that her husband should not physically assault her while she was in her police uniform.

“Hanzi Cst Kusangaya vakachenuruka kunge ndere, Chief Supt Ncube vakadikitira vawona Muvengwa avasvikira.

“Cst Kusangaya vakadetemba kuti murume wavo asamurove akapfeka uniform yechipurisa,” said the source.

Expressing his anguish, Muvengwa criticized Chief Supt Ncube, accusing him of using his position of authority to exploit junior officers.

“Does it mean that his promotion was to abuse junior officers?

“Ncube has damaged my family, my children and my standing in society.

“We are now undergoing counselling to heal our children and to find peace with my in-laws.

“My wife stooped so low that she emotionally and socially damaged my trust,” Muvengwa lamented.

Constable Kusangaya, who is stationed at Warren Park Police Station, has become a topic of discussion within the suburb.

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