Yeye Dupe Adeleke-Sanni celebrate brother on 64th birthday, installation as Asiwaju of Edeland

PRESIDENT of the Adeleke Women of Substance, Chief (Dr) Mrs Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni, has extended warm congratulations to Senator (Dr) Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke on the occasion of his 64th birthday and installation as the Asiwaju of Edeland.

In a statement signed by the Senior Abiyamo of Nigeria (SAN), Yeyeluwa Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni expressed heartfelt joy and gratitude to God for her brother, Governor Adeleke’s life, hailing him as a remarkable achiever, a dedicated governor and a man of unsoiled integrity whom she deeply admires.

Addressing her brother, Chief (Dr) Mrs Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni highlighted the exceptional leadership of Gov Ademola Adeleke in Osun State, lauding his commitment to good governance, accountability and transparency, which have earned him the respect and admiration of the people.

Chief (Dr) Mrs Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni commended Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke for his significant contributions to infrastructure, education, healthcare and the overall welfare of the civil servants, pensioners and citizens of Osun State. She praised his transformative initiatives, which have positively impacted countless lives across the state.

“On the occasion of your second birthday as the executive governor of Osun State, I want to express profound appreciation for your leadership and pray for God’s continued grace and guidance in your endeavours. I also wish you continued success in bringing about positive change and fostering hope for a better future.

Chief (Dr) Mrs Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni,
Yeyeluwa of Edeland,
Yeye Oba of Iroko Ekiti,
Senior Abiyamo of Nigeria (SAN),
Crowned Jewel of the Adeleke Dynasty,
President of the Adeleke Women of Substance.

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