Climate Change: Osun Selected for Carbon Investment Project

The National Council on Climate Change has selected Osun state as a pilot site for the carbon investment project to be sited on some selected forest reserves and national parks in Nigeria.

In a letter sent to the State Ministry of Environment, the NCCC which selected Ago Owu forest in Ayedaade local government said the project aims to support the implementation of the National Climate Change Action Plan and the Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement.

“The Project is a tripartite collaboration between the Dryada/Noblesse Green Energy, the Presidency,and the National Council on Climate Change. The aDryada/Noblesse Green Energy (NGE) is a company that is involved in investment for carbon offset in Energy and land-based sources. The project will provide technical and financial assistance to the state to develop and implement low-carbon and climate-resilient strategies in key sectors such as forestry,agriculture,and energy.

“The Carbon Investment project is driven by the growing recognition of the need to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By investing in carbon related projects such as this, stakeholders can contribute to the global efforts to combat climate change and promote a more sustainable future. As a pilot state, you will have the opportunity to showcase your leadership and innovation in addressing climate change and enhancing sustainable development. You will also benefit from the exchange of best practices and lessons learned with other pilot states and stakeholders”, the national council posited in the letter.

The Osun State Commissioner for Environment and Sanitation, Hon. Mayowa Adejoorin who led the Osun State team at an interactive meeting with the NCCC team led by Mr. Kingsley Nwajuba described Osun State Governor as a friendly and approachable Governor who is committed to doing everything necessary to make sure that the project become successful, and the State is placed in a vantage position on issues of Climate Change in the country and globally.

The Commissioner equally thanked the Chairman of the Governor’s Advisory Council on renewable energy and climate change Mallam Olawale Rasheed, for facilitating the project to be brought to Osun State.

Speaking during the meeting, the Chairman of Osun Governor’s Advisory Council on renewable energy and climate change, Mallam Olawale Rasheed said the state government under the leadership of Senator Ademola Adeleke is seriously committed to implementation of action plans on Climate Change while adding that the state government has approved raising of tree seedlings for planting of trees to rejuvenate our forest reserves. He also promised the backing of the carbon investment project with adequate political will to see that the project become a fruitful engagement.

Earlier, the team lead from the NCCC had stated that the nomination of Osun state by the Federal Government was done after thorough considerations and final approval from the Paris headquarters of the “Dryada/Noblesse Green Energy (NGE) Company” in conjunction with the NCCC and the the Presidency on the project.

Part of activities of the project include the rejuvenation of the Ago-Owu Forest Reserve and Livelihood support to communities around the forest reserve. This will ultimately transform into opportunities for the State to be involved in “Carbon Trading” while the socio-economics status of people in the area will be improved. Mr. Nwajuba stated that the interactive meeting which will also followed by a physical visit to the project site is part of the preparation preceding Nigeria attendance at this year’s “International Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP28) that is billed to come up in the United Arab Emirates by the end of this year, 2023.

In the concluding remarks, it was emphasized that all hands must be on deck in Osun state as every Ministry is expected to have a climate desk to pursue the Climate Change mainstreaming Agenda for the State.

Further, the representative of the Director General of National Council on Climate Change, Mr. Kingsley Nwawuba said that issues of safe relocation of famers within the Forest Reserve shall be carefully addressed in an harmonious manner that will guarantee a win win situation for all stakeholders among others.
The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Environment and Sanitation Mr. Richard Oyegbami appreciated the team from Abuja and the Osun State team. He assured the NCCC team of a very cordial working relationship with the Osun State team for successful implementation of the project and other efforts on renewable energy and climate change promotion.

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