Despite rough economy, lovers in Lagos spend lavishly on Valentine’s gifts

As Nigerians prepare for the Valentine’s Day, the demand for intimate accessories, sexy lingerie and cakes are on the rise, a check reveals.

A NAN correspondent, on Tuesday, visited some shopping malls in Lagos metropolis to observe how lovers and retailers are preparing for the day.

According to Temi Ogunleye, a boutique owner in Novare Shopping Mall, Sangotedo, despite the economic crunch in the country, it is amazing to see the enthusiasm among customers this Valentine season.

“This year, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in the sale of adult toys, couples and youths are becoming more adventurous in their approach to intimacy, and they’re eager to explore new experiences together.

“Alongside adult toys, lingerie has emerged as another popular choice among Lagosians looking to spice up their Valentine’s Day celebration.

“Women are indulging in various sexy lingerie to ignite the flames of desire and surprise their partners,” she said.

An adult store owner in Ajah, Toyin Adekunle, also said the demand for intimate products had been unprecedented in the last few weeks.

“Valentine’s season is always a busy time for us, but this year, the demand for adult-themed products has been overwhelming. Couples are looking for ways to enhance their intimate moments and create lasting memories together.

“The surge in purchases isn’t limited to just one category. Adult toys, ranging from discreet vibrators, handcuffs to more adventurous bondage gear, are flying off the shelves as couples seek to explore new dimensions of pleasure and intimacy.

“People are becoming more open-minded about their sexuality and are eager to experiment with new sensations and experiences,” she said.

NAN also reports that in addition to intimate apparel, bakers in Lagos are experiencing orders for Valentine’s Day-themed cakes.

Akinwale Adegoke, a pastry chef, said that wearing lingerie and indulging in delicious cakes are just some of the ways couples express their love and affection during the season.

“It’s heartwarming to see people coming together to celebrate the joy of love in all its forms,” he said.


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