Adeleke Calls For Ideas, Plans on How To Build on Existing Solutions To Address Aspirations of Young Ones

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun state has called for ideas and plans on how to build on existing solutions to address the aspirations of young graduates. According to him, research work must get to the public for application.

Adeleke made this call during Fountain University’s 2024 convocation ceremony on Sunday at Osogbo,the state capital.

The governor in his speech, congratulated graduating students on the completion of their education.

“From now and through your upcoming national service,I urge you to set out to be an employer of labour rather than a job seeker. You must commence a plan to be self employed as the job market is getting tight and complicated on a daily basis.

“My admonition to you flows from the reality of the present day economy. The national economic crisis has worsened unemployment figures even as many states are finding it hard to pay salaries of existing workers. In many states,the public sector is over-bloated. Where vacancies exist, the capacity of the state to pay is suspect.

“The above scenario left the nation with only one option- to support job seekers to become job creators and employers of labour. To that end, the government must provide the enabling environment for small and medium businesses to thrive. The state must serve as the facilitator rather than a regulator.

“It was in support of the above that our administration recently harmonized all payable taxes. We have combined various taxes into one demand notice. Our target is to eliminate double taxation and reduce the tax rate.

Adeleke also stated that his administration is also implementing several sectoral reforms to open up the state economy, expand its base and enhance its capacity to engage the Nigerian youth. “We are doing all these to make it easy for Osun residents to become employers of labour rather than job seekers. He stated.

“Beyond state reforms, am also aware of the federal plan to refocus attention on supporting small businesses. When fully implemented, support packages for young entrepreneurs can easily access support, ranging from financing to operational and logistics questions.

“Once again, let me commend the owners and operators of this school. I am proud to be associated with the school. As the Governor of Osun state, it is my joy that Osun state has a very large number of higher schools. This profile is a strength my government is eager to capitalize on to fast track development of the state.

“Our government is open for partnership and collaboration on various aspects of the state economy. I call on universities, polytechnics and Colleges of Education in Osun state to explore innovative win-win relationships between the state and the schools.

“Such a relationship will strengthen efforts to get our graduating students out of the streets. We call for ideas and plans on how to build on existing solutions to address the aspirations of our young ones. Research work must get to the public for application. This proposed partnership is a sincere offer to create a club of societal developers for Osun state.

“It is on this note that I want to pledge our government’ support for this university. We are with you as you continue to deliver on quality faith based education. He added.

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