BREAKING: Social Media Users Curses Omowaiye, Omipidan, Over False Claims On Osogbo-Ikirun Road

In a recent incident that has caused a stir in Osun state, social media users in the state rained curses and abuse on the former Commissioner of Work, Remi Omowaiye and the Chief Press Secretary to Former Governor Oyetola, Ismail Omipidan, over their false claim on the Osogbo – Ilaodo road.

According to a post on Facebook, Omowaiye had claimed that the current Governor of Osun State, Adeleke only did 30% of the project, while the previous administration, which Omowaiye was a part of, did 70% of the project.

This claim did not sit well with the people of Osun who are tired of the lies and deceit of the immediate past government. Some of the comments under their posts: “Aare oniro of Osun state….Bro omowaye you don’t have shame coming to this app again and continue comment rubbish here”

“When we see a commendable effort let us learn to appreciate it even if it is from our enemies. Let us agree that the work done on the road is 30% within a month. That is a great achievement.”

“No one eulogises “Alaseti” only “Alaseyori” is given the credence and kudos… Gomina Alaseyori ni Ademola Adeleke.”

“Mathematically, Oyetola did 70% of it in 1,460 days (4years), while Adeleke did 30% completion within 100 days…I beg, who try pass”

“Let’s assume that it’s just 30% of the project he completed, I believe he deserves accolades.

If 70% was completed in 8 years and 30% was completed in 1 month, the seriousness of each administration towards service delivery has been ascertained.Peace””I can’t but laugh at how the people battered a “father” of some innocent children. I wish they are grown enough to come and read comments under their father’s poser.

I have nothing to add, the electorates are more sensitive and alive to their responsibilities. Gone are the days when someone will be deceiving them with lies.May His Excellency Sen. Ademola Adeleke succeeds.

“It is important to note that the road project started under the administration of Rauf Aregbesola, the predecessor of Governor Oyetola.

However, despite being in power for four years, the Oyetola administration failed to do anything substantial about the road project, leading to the road’s current deplorable state.In response to Omowaiye and Omipidan’s false claims, social media users in Osun state took to various platforms to express their displeasure and outrage. Many of the users cursed and abused the two officials for their blatant lies, which they see as an insult to the intelligence of the people of Osun.

The incident has once again highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in governance, especially in Osun state, where the people have been left to suffer from the lack of development and infrastructure.

It is hoped that the past government should take note of the people’s grievances and work together for the development and better governance for the state.

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