No revenue contract was awarded by us-Osun State Revenue Committee

No Revenue Contract was Awarded by Us-Osun State Revenue Committee

The Revenue Committee of the Osun State Government has debunked fake news of award of contracts against due process, affirming that the committee is not a contract awarding committee.

In a statement signed by the Secreatary of the Revenue Committee, Solanke-Hamzat, the committee described the various fake news about its awarding of contract against due process as “fallacious, mischievous, misleading and malicious publications.

The statement reads further:”All these allegations are not only falsehood targeted to distract the committee but also baseless and is an attempt to drag the good name of the new administration in the mud. This is clearly the handwork of those that are rejected at the polls on July 16 2022 by the Osun electorate.

“What they failed to understand is that this is a government with focus, a government that is systemic and highly organized unlike their government that lacks focus and procedure. In an organized system like ours, a committee cannot be inaugurated without Mandate or Term of Reference, anyway, “you cannot give what you don’t have”, they lack such intellectual capacity.

“For the umpteenth time let me state our mandate again.The Committee was charge with the following responsibilities:
-To Block all Revenue Leakages;
-To collect all Revenue due to the State from the Solid Mineral sector;
-To Review all Permits in the Forestry departments and Agricultural sector;
-To Review the activities of all Revenue Consultants, their existing MOUs, mode
of operations and carry out Reforms where necessary;
-To review the entire State Revenue Generation Strategy, Technology,
Performance and carry out Reforms where necessary;
-To Review particularly the operations of Osun Internal Revenue Service (OIRS)
and Recommend necessary Reforms with a view to Increase Internally Generated Revenue;
-To Identify all Revenue Generating MDAs with a view to harnessing the Revenue
Generated into Government Coffers;&
-To look into all matters concerning Revenue Generation within the State and
suggest measures necessary to enhance the State IGR.

“Consequentially, the committee is only restricted to making review of policy, methodology, Strategy and technology used in revenue generation. To review and appraise revenue generation performance of key economic agencies of government with the view to increase revenue generation. The committee also looked into challenges militating against revenue generation as well as opportunities to be tapped to enhance the State IGR.

“In the process of delivering its mandate in some areas, especially in area of improving support using technology in collection platform enhancement, the Committee formed what we called the stakeholder forum, which are the major users of revenue collection and reporting platform, these are; OIRS, Office of Accountant General/Project Manager of SiFMIS, Office of Auditor General and Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology (MIST) with members of the Committee to jointly review how we can use technological support to increase revenue generation.

“This is the process the fifth columnists are attacking the committee for doing. This is simply because the stakeholders have identified too many inadequacies of those running the system during the past administration and reasons why Osun revenue has not grown in the last four years and are determined to recommend necessary amendmendments to the government in order to move Osun forward.

” It is these incompetent service providers and their cohorts that are the forces behind all such false allegations using different faceless persons and groups just to blackmail us and distract us, but they have failed, their antics are dead on arrival as we are not deterred by their actions.

“The committee is made up of high profile people such as former House of Representative member, former Deputy Chief of Staff to the State Governor, fellows of Institute of Chartered Accountants and FCITN, former Chairmen of Local Governments and Retired Public officers. Thus, we cannot degenerate so low to be joining issues with people of no substance.

“We are very resolute, focused and determined to deliver the mandate the Governor has bestowed upon us. It is unfortunate that I have to use my precious time on behalf of the committee to respond to these faceless people to prevent them from misleading the members of the public. Let me categorically state here that the committee does not have the luxury of time to waste on frivolous issues like this as we have the herculean task of supporting our dear Governor to fulfill his electoral promises to the good people of Osun State”, the statement noted.

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