(OPINION) Osogbo-Ikirun-Ila Odo(KWSB)Road: Gov. Adeleke Deserves All Accolades

By Ojuolape Odetola

The recent official commissioning of the second phase of the 10.5 km Osogbo-Ikirun-Ila Odo(KWSB) dual carriage road by His Excellency Senator Ademola Adeleke was meant to herald good tidings and further transform public infrastructure in Osun.

However, for many apologists of the immediate past governor of the state, this landmark achievement appears to have become a nightmare.

Rather than emulate the more mature and reasonable example of their fellow party man and current Minister of Works, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, who has applauded Governor Ademola Adeleke for continuation and commissioning of the highway, these political mourners have turned the development into a tussle for glory.

In a statement issued shortly after the glamorous unveiling of the project, ex governor Oyetola through one Engr Oluremi Omowaiye, a former Commissioner of Works under his administration, tried so hard to dismiss the current governor’s contribution and effort towards transforming the strategic thoroughfare.
It is not only laughable, but also nauseating to read a communiqué embellished with so much falsehood and face-saving rhetoric.

Remi Omowaiye, in the release, downplayed the contribution of the present administration, while claiming his paymaster, who had failed to complete the important project throughout his 4 years in office, deserves to be lauded for the current state of the Osogbo-Ikirun-Ila Odo road.

The erstwhile commissioner argued that the previous government ensured 70% execution of the construction work.

So, between 70% of 12 years(APC) and 30% completion rate of 1 month(PDP), who has performed better? Certainly, 30% within 100 days is by far a greater performance.

Senator Adeleke deserve all the accolades.

It is most unfortunate and ridiculous that a former helmsman of the state, who decided to turn a blind eye to the importance of the project which was awarded in 2012 by his predecessor, is now claiming glory for the prompt attention the infrastructure has received in the first 100 days of the current administration in Osun.

A popular Yoruba proverb says, ” Ibere ki se onise…” When translated into English language, this witty statement simply implies that, “The completion of a task is far more glorifying than its commencement.”

If for 4 years, the Oyetola led government could not complete 10.5km of a 40 km road project, the former governor and his cohorts should be hanging their heads in shame instead of making further mockery of themselves by dismissing the timely intervention of a proactive, efficient and performing Senator Ademola Adeleke.

When we see a commendable effort, let us learn to appreciate it even if it is from our political opponents. I am sure some of these ‘glory hunters’ have started enjoying the current condition of a road, their paymaster refused to prioritize when he was at the helms of affairs of the state.

The wishy-washy statement of the immediate past administration regarding the infrastructure project unveiled by Senator Adeleke, reminds me of a story titled; The Humble Horse & The Sluggish Snail.

Despite this frantic effort to discredit the phenomenal strides of a committed leader who has brought nothing but sunshine, the people of Osun have refused to be distracted.

Certainly, Imole is here to stay for a very long time.

I urge all eligible voters across Osun to turn out en masse on Saturday to show once again show their unflinching support for Governor Adeleke by voting for all PDP candidates in the 2023 State Assembly poll.

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