Governor Adeleke Advocates Unity Among Fulani Community

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun state, on Tuesday called on the Fulani Community to join hands with other residents of the state as well to the state government to move the state forward.

He made the call while receiving in his office the leadership and members of Fulani Ardo in Osun state, led by Alhaji Ibraheem Babatunde.

Governor Adeleke said “Nigeria is a nation united in diversity, we’re one despite our tribal differences, whatever differences we have we must remember what will unite us than what will divide us.

“The North and South have long issue from pre independent era to date,we have come a long way to East and West,we have vary experience, overall we have one thing in common, unity in diversity.

The governor continued by assuring the Fulani group that the government is ready to support and address all their areas of concern.

“To the Fulani people, you’re an integral part of our state. All the issue you raised will be taken up by our government.

“Our government is going to set a stand action committee to address the issue of Fulani Old community relations, our Goverment will create a structure that will be addressed. The committee will address areas of frictions including farmers.

In his earlier remarks, Alhaji Ibraheem Babatunde who was represented by his deputy Alhaji Usman Were-Ni-Ise Oluwa commended the performance of Osun Governor, while stating the purpose of their visit.

According to him, “there is usually dispute between Fulani, Bororo, and Farmers, we need adequate security and maximum protection from our Governor.

“We also need schools for our children in our community, moreso we’re in need of good water, the governor should give us bole hole in our community as well”, he said.

During an interview with newsmen, The secretary to the Sheik Fulani Osun state, Ibrahim Abubarkar emphasized that the main thing the group want from the government is maximum security.

“We want our governor to set a committee among the Fulani and farmers, so that any issue that transpired will be settled among us.

“We really appreciate what our governor has done, in security aspect. We pray to almighty Allah to continue to guide him and protect him”, he prayed.

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