Conlog Says Unupgraded Prepaid Meters Will Stop To Function By November 2024

Conlog, the manufacturer of prepaid meters utilized by Ikeja and Kaduna Electric companies, has issued a warning stating that these unupgraded meters will cease to function from November 2024.

In a statement published on Conlog’s website on Monday, it was announced that the meters must be upgraded prior to November 24, 2024, as the TID Identifier for the current meters will be phased out.

The South Africa-based manufacturer revealed that the TID Identifier for the existing meters, with a reference base date of 1993, will be replaced with a new base date of 2014.

Conlog stated that users of the TID Identifier with the 1993 base date will need to upgrade or reset their prepaid meters to the 2014 base date.

This upgrade, known as the “TID Rollover Event,” will impact all users of Conlog prepaid meters in Nigeria, as well as other markets in Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

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Conlog explained the situation, stating, “What is TID? Each credit token has a unique TID IDENTIFIER (TID) encoded into the 20 digits to prevent token replay at the meter.

The TID is referenced to a base date of 1993 and will run out of range in 2024 (Known as the TID ROLLOVER EVENT), thus causing the payment meter to stop accepting new tokens.”

To address this, the company outlined the technical solution, stating, “The technical remedy is to ‘RESET’ each meter to reference a new base date of 2014 by means of entering two special tokens before 24 November 2024.”

Kaduna Electric has already taken steps to inform its customers about the need to upgrade their prepaid meters before November next year.

In a video broadcast, Umar Gumel, Head of Non-MD Metering at Kaduna Electric, urged customers to visit the company’s offices starting from August 1, 2023, to ensure their meters are upgraded to avoid rendering them useless.


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