UPDATED: Osun APC thugs on rampage in Ilesa East, attacks Omirin’, Bisi’s fathers houses – PDP

••• destroys PDP posters, billboards, maim supporters

The Osun People’s Democratic Party(PDP), has disclosed that hoodlums in the service of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Friday descended on the homes of the father of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the Ilesa East/Ilesa West/ Atakunmosa-East/Atakunmosa-West Federal Constituency, Honourable Olusanya Omirin, in Ilesa East local government, causing major scare for the octonogorian who had to rush for safety as live bullets rain down on the building.

According to a statement which was received by SAHEL correspondent on Friday, noted that:

“Similar despicable attack was visited on the home of the father of the immediate PDP Chairman of the State, Honourable Sunday Bisi, which threw residents, especially the PDP chief old-man in palpable fear.

The attacks, in a communique signed by the PDP Acting Chairman in Osun State, Dr Akindele Adekunle, is a continuation of the APC’s pattern of violence to intimidate members and supporters of the PDP from active participation in the upcoming elections.

“The rejected APC having realized the resolve of the people to vote against it has taken to violence and attacking our party members and innocent citizens with the aim of scaring them away from the election,” the statement noted.”

Just today, the homes of the fathers of Honourables Olusanya Omirin and Sunday Bisi came under fierce attacks by APC thugs, with live bullets viciously unleashed at them. Posters and billboards for PDP candidates in Ilesa East were violently removed and our members targeted for vicious attacks.

“Our immediate question as a party is what exactly is the sin of the old men that they were the target of APC attacks or is it just because they are the fathers of the two PDP chiefs?

” This is pure evil and it is our passionate call on every lovers of democrary to come to the aid of our party members in Ijeshaland, and by extension, the whole of Osun state, in the face of APC resort to violence.

“The PDP called on security agencies in the state to come to the rescue of PDP members and supporters, warning that it could not continue to guarantee the patience of members and supporters to the unceasing attacks of the APC.

“We are committed to a peaceful election, but will however warn that the PDP will not be intimidated by this attempt by APC to discourage our participation from the elections. We charge our members not to be provoked by the APC, and instead, continue to be focused on the drive to vote all PDP candidates in the general elections.”17th February, 2023.

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