We didn’t grab any land, we own it- Family respond to allegation

•Calls on Governor Adeleke for proper investigation

The family of Olugun compound of Oja Oba, Osogbo has called on the State government to conduct a proper investigation into the allegation raised by some residents of Iludun community over the lands which belongs to their family.

Speaking with our correspondent, the head of the family, Oseni Aremu; member of the family Basiru Owolabi of Olugun compound, Oja Oba, Osogbo, said what the claim that they are trying to grab land is far from the truth.

He said “Our attention has been drawn to a distorted information from some residents of Iludun community claiming that their lands had been taken over by land grabbers. This is far from the truth.

“They claimed that the land grabbers who demolished structures in the community on Thursday, September 14, were headed by one ‘D Law’ and flanked by Bashiru Owolabi of Olugun compound, Akeem Eleja, Muideen Ajibola of Oluawo compound and others who are yet to be identified.

“Ministry of lands, town planning office of Osogbo local government and capital territory office came to investigate the matter, at the end, they came up with a report that the proper setback has been given. After this, the remaining lands were taken over by us because we are the real owner of the land.

“Those who are claiming that their lands have been taken over unlawfully were asked to bring their documents to establish the boundaries of their lands, none of them submitted their papers.

“This case is even before the AIG at Zone 11 of the Nigeria Police Force with all our evidences as the real owners and they have been asked to bring theirs but they refused, instead they are going to build both on government land and our land. We will not allow that.

“We are calling on the state government to conduct a proper investigation to this matter. We are law abiding citizens. We don’t take what does not belong to us”, the family said.

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