Adeleke Constructs 55 km of Roads, Identifies with Sarumis, other Philanthropists – Spokesperson

The Osun State Government has constructed over 55 kilometers of roads and is encouraging private individuals to join in the drive to bridge the state’s infrastructure deficit, Spokesperson to the State Governor, Mallam Olawale Rasheed has declared

Reacting to the opposition party’s statement on Ilesa road project sponsored by Mr Rasheed Sarumi and commissioned by Governor Ademola Adeleke, the Spokesperson stated in a statement,issued on Thursday that;

The State Governor was invited to commission the road by the businessman and that at no point was any claim made that the state government constructed the road.

Governor Adeleke had while commissioning the road commended Mr Sarumi for his community service and urged other endowed citizens and residents of the state to emulate the contribution of Sarumi.

The Governor at the commissioning stressed further that Sarumi is a model other business leaders in the state should emulate, a position echoed by the Edo state Governor, Godwin Obaseki.

“In what way is it a crime for the state governor to honour a distinguished Osun citizen who is giving back to the society? Governor Adeleke has constructed over 55 kilometers of roads with another 45 kilometers in the pipelines. The administration has not and will not claim projects that do not belong to the administration.

“Is the APC saying the Governor should not have encouraged the Sarumis and others to support community development by personally identifying with them? The current government is bridging the infrastructure deficit and it won’t be distracted by a party that failed woefully while in office.

” It is evidently clear that the sordid past of a rejected administration still weighs heavily on the opposition. Governor Adeleke is touching lives, upgrading infrastructures and rebuilding the state from the wreckage left behind by APC.

Even the worst of enemies are daily becoming friends of the administration with regular praise of “Mr Governor, you are really doing well. You indeed prove us wrong”

The opposition should await another shocker in the new week as Governor Adeleke unveils details of his infrastructure plans. Let fake news merchants prepare new rounds of fabricated submissions.

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