Of Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi ,The Appointment Of Prof. Taiwo Ashaolu As Vice Chancellor Of Unilesa

By Oludele Ajayi

I have with keen interest read a piece purportedly written by CHIEF Yinka Fasuyi the Asiwaju of Ijesaland on the appointment of Professor Taiwo Ashaolu, Professor of Accounting and Management, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife and Former Dean Faculty of Management OAU Ile Ife

After reading the letter my immediate conclusion was that the letter could not have emanated from Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi’s table.

Why? One, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi is pictured as a father figure for all Ijesa sons and daughters including Professor Taiwo Ashaolu, and so to have openly denigrate or doubt the competence of a well known or Frontline Academic from one of the best Universities in Africa is indeed uncharitable and unfatherly.

Methinks it is apt and appropriate to put the record straight at this juncture. It is on record that Professor Taiwo Ashaolu’s moral and academic garments have remained stainless over the years. It is on record that the Former Dean of a sensitive, powerful and strong Faculty in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife belongs to the group or class of highly disciplined, hardworking, industrious and special breed Academics who place integrity and good name above the tyranny of the flesh and undue monetary influence. It is also pertinent to state unequivocally that Professor Taiwo Ashaolu has contributed immensely to the growth of his Profession, ( Accounting and Management) through research and publication of journals. It must be stated here that world class research and academic publications are to University education what blood and bones are to the human body and Professor Taiwo Ashaolu has never been found wanting in this regard. (Please go and goggle Professor Taiwo Ashaolu on internet.)

Two, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi’s letter was wrapped in anger and affront to the power of the Executive Governor who is the Visitor to the University to appoint the institution’s principal officers.

No doubt, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi occupies the front seat among those who have been uplifting Ijesa Land to enviable height, he has invested huge amount of his personal money, time and energy on the University project, like any other projects he had led Prominent Ijesa sons and daughters to execute in the past. No doubt, Asiwaju Fasuyi has been so passionate about the development of his father land and we are all proud of him.

However in my humble and respectful opinion, Asiwaju may be digging a deep, wide gulf which may culminate in an unbridgeable disparity between the university and the new principal officers and notable Ijesa sons and daughters.

I’m not Speaking for Government of Osun, but I remember that the Ijesas have been mounting pressure on Government and have continued to express doubt and apprehension about the take off of the University. It was made a campaign Issue during the just concluded general elections with verbal attacks here and there as Governor Ademola Adeleke and some Ijesas in the PDP were visibly in the defensive.

Maybe to quickly douse the tension and allow the university to take off as expected, Government has to take such a drastic and CRITICAL decision.

Apart from Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi’s letter, I have also read the vituperation of some fifth columnists on the appointment of the University’s principal officers. Reading the submissions of these social media merchants I wonder
Why some people are being hypocritical. I challenge anyone to tell me which University in Nigeria is Independent. Just to remind everyone, One of the salient issues raised by ASUU during its strike last year was University autonomy.

Even if the the Principal officers emerged through the most competitive arrangements anyone can think of, the Governor who is the Visitor to the University will still have his way.

There have been torrent of complaints about Government’s insensitivity to the plights of the Ijesas, now a step has been taken and we are still complaining, if these agitators and makeshift comrades are sincere and do not have their preferred CANDIDATES, I repeat, Professor Ashaolu is eminently qualified to lead a UNIversity as Vice-chancellor.

Some of the critics of Governor ADEMOLA ADELEKE are Politicians who pretend to be innocent and independent analysts calling for due process on the appointment of the principal officers and the Vice Chancellor.

May I ask this question from those agitating for due process, Has anybody’s right been infringed upon?

We want the University of Ilesa to take off in earnest, we put the state government on the edge and we accused the Governor of abandoning the University project, he now acted to please the people and to convince them that his Government has not jettisoned the UNIVERSITY of Ilesa, we are now raising procedural issue.

Can anyone send the News paper cutting or cuttings where advertisements on the appointments of Principal officers of the new Federal College of Education in Iwo and the University in Ila Orangun were placed? Please if you can not send it, let us all remain silent on this matter.

To our highly respected and revered Asiwaju, Chief Yinka Fasuyi, Chief Akinola (Baba Sawe) Barrister Dupe Ajayi Gbadebo, Mr Wale Idowu, our highly revered Professors and professionals as well as other members of the Ijesa development committee, on whose efforts, dignity, good name, respect and integrity the growth of Ijesaland has been laid, I say thank you, no doubt, your name will be cast in gold while writing the history of Ijesaland

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