Adeleke’s Government is fully committed to the development of Osun State – Odejobi

Akinwumi Odejobi who is a Special Adviser to Governor Ademola Adeleke on Special Duties. He works closely with the Governor, and the Commissioner for Special Duties.


Bashiru Tokunbo Salam on developmental plans and people-oriented programmes designed to improve citizens’ well being in Osun State. A technocrat, who heeded the call to public service, his advocacy for community improvement and positive social change through politics, informed Odejobi’s foray into politics.

An indigene of Ede North, Odejobi said, “My community’s pressing concerns and demands for social justice, economic prosperity, and adequate environmental management resonates deeply with me, and inspires me to escalate their needs on a bigger platform for appropriate action”.

Odejobi was born and bred in Ede. Growing up in a family of community activists instilled in him a strong sense of responsibility and community service, thus his desire to make a positive impact on society. After his primary and secondary education, he attended Obafemi Awolowo University where he bagged Bachelor’s of Art degree in English Language. He later proceeded to Beulah Heights University, Atlanta, United States where he obtained a Master’s degree in Religious Studies. He is currently enrolled for his Ph.D at Adeleke University, Ede.

As the Special Adviser to the Governor on special duties, Odejobi is an integral member of the Governor’s team with multiple roles that includes the provision of expert advice, appropriate counsel, and strategic guidance. According to him “I collaborate with other government officials, community leaders, as well as other stakeholders in the design and implementation of policies that address critical issues, ranging from education and healthcare to infrastructure and economic development.”

Since his appointment, he has contributed positively in different areas including the Regional Infrastructure Development Initiative. This initiative champions a regional infrastructure development plan that seeks to upgrade road networks, improve power supply, and upgrade communication systems not only in Osun State but across the South West. The initiative is designed to boost interconnectivity and economic activities across the region.

Moreover, his other contributions include the introduction of Human Rights and Development Program which focuses essentially on access to education, healthcare, skill acquisition and empowerment of vulnerable populations as basic human rights.

Under the watch of the Executive Governor and Commissioner for Special Duties, the Special Adviser is also working assiduously towards further impacting the people of Osun positively in different other areas. Some of the upcoming plans include:

  1. Continued Regional Collaboration: Building stronger partnerships and fostering cooperation among Western Nigerian states for sustainable development and economic growth.
  2. Sustainable Development Goals: Aligning projects and initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure a holistic approach to development and address pressing challenges.

He recently led a team from the Special Duties Office to Canada where they received, and transferred to Nigeria donated medical supplies from Non Profit Organisations. These items are to be distributed to hospitals across Osun State, thus helping to improve the hospitals and providing better care for Osun citizens.

The government of Osun state, according to Odejobi, is committed to societal improvement through the promotion of mutual and community respect, tolerance and acceptance of diversity, sustainable growth and harmonious coexistence.

“We are working ahead to ensure that the people of Osun enjoy the dividends of democracy under Governor Adeleke, who is fully committed to the development of the State”. Odejobi enthused.

On Adeleke’s Government which recently inaugurated its executive council, Odejobi said Nigerians and particularly esteemed citizens of Osun State should be rest assured of the commitment of Adeleke’s administration to the development of all nooks and crannies of the state. ” We will deliver”, he said with full assurance.

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