Ramadan: Ero Arike distribute foods to Muslim brethrens, says “giving is my habit”

In her effort to help alleviate hunger during the fasting period, the popular business mogul and Chief Executive Officer of Olokemeji Nigeria Limited, who also produces the popular medicinal balm ‘Ero Arike’, Alhaja Falilat Oyetunji distributed food items to for Muslim brethren.

The distribution which took place at the Iyalayo Central Mosque in Osogbo, on Monday, had the presence of Men, women, adults, youths, and children who gathered together to receive portions of rice and pap.

Mrs Oyetunji who personally managed the food distribution described her company Ile – olokemeji Nigeria limited, as a company of charity.

I’m her words, ” At the beginning of Ramadan,it’s our habit to share food for the people, even before this fasting started ,It’s well known that Ile – olokemeji Nigeria limited Company is a company of charity, May the Merciful God reward our company more.

While stating the motive behind the distribution Programme, she explained that, her company usually share food among adults and children, for them to break their fasting and also whenever it’s time for sahur.

“This our initiative will bring development to the society because when the mouth feeds the eyes will close. Anyone that’s well fed won’t steal and he or she be contended.
If it’s a woman,she won’t go into prostitution, She emphasized.

Ero Arike continued by urging other well to do personalities in the state to put more effort into giving to the less privileged.

According to her, “Giving is an habit that actually runs in someone’s blood.
But my advice for them is that God will help them to give because it’s an habit that has goodness and also has multitude of reward.

“There’s alot of benefit in giving, I swear by the Almighty God, it attract favor from God.
My major reason for doing this is for the development and progress of our community, and also for my children to receive mercy and for my company.

The business mogul, however promised not to stop the distribution, she stated that she won’t stop until the end of Muslim fasting.

During an interview with newsmen, the Vice Chairman of Boripe Local Government, Alhaji Hon. Abdul-Hakeem Oyetunji, popularly known as Oko-Ero, pleaded with the government to support such initiative, because it will encourage and make them to do better than before.

“This distribution programme started on the first day of Ramadan and will be done till the ending of 30 days Ramadan fasting. And as it is happening right now in Osogbo,it’s happening in Iragbiji town.

“It has become our own habit and nature because even where there was no fasting, we often gather people together every 15 days and we give them food.

“Every month Ending, we do Hospitals, when sick people are being discharged or gave birth but unable to pay, we pay their delivery fee and they will get discharged” he said.

Alhaji Oyetunji stressed further that, the beneficiaries were overwhelmed with their distribution and they were praying for Olokemeji Nigeria Limited company from the bottom of their heart.

“May God Almighty help us reward the company more than before. He prayed

One of the beneficiaries, Saluudeen Ridwan while speaking with SAHEL standard prayed earnestly for the organizers.

“May God take care of our Alhaja Ero Arike for this wonderful work she’s doing fasting. She’s also giving food to people that are not fasting. May God bless her and answer all her secret prayers”, He prayed.

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