Woman gives birth during plane ride, airline promises reward

During a flight from Mexico to Ciudad Juárez on March 15, 2024, one of the passengers suddenly went into labour and passengers of this flight will certainly remember this trip for a long time.

An hour after take-off, one of the passengers went into labour. Fortunately, there was a doctor on board the plane who delivered the baby with the help of the cabin crew. After landing in Ciudad Juárez, the mother and newborn were taken to hospital. Passengers applauded as they welcomed the new crew member.

Posts immediately appeared on social media confirming this unusual event. “A baby has just been born on the plane I was on,” wrote one of the passengers on Instagram. “We landed with a new passenger. Big applause for all the stewards. Wow, wow, wow.”

Mexican media speculated that the newborn boy would be able to fly for free with Aeroméxico for the rest of his life because he was born on one of the Mexican flag carrier’s planes. However, the ADN 40 news website reported that the airline did not confirm this information.

“Today we experienced a special moment on board: during the flight we welcomed a new passenger! The birth is something extraordinary that touched our hearts. We would like to thank the amazing crew of flight AM113, the courage of the doctor traveling with us and the child who started life flying in the year in which We are celebrating our 90th anniversary, for which the baby will receive a great gift from us,” the airline commented on the X website.

However, this is not the first case of being born in the clouds. A study published in 2020 found that 74 babies were born on 73 commercial flights between 1929 and 2018. Babies born during flights are called “sky-born.”

Interestingly, another baby was born last week on an Air Canada flight from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia to Toronto. “The flight was diverted to Bermuda, but the baby was born before landing,” Global News reported.

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