Osun Commissioner Charges Yahoo Boys to Embrace Osun Tech Policies

Commissioner for Innovation, Science and Technology, Hon. Olatunji Maruf Ayofe has called on youths in the State to leverage on one of the 5 points agenda of Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke which is to drive the economy of Osun State through technology by joining the various tech programmes being put together by the government through his Ministry.

He made the call while featuring on a weekly programme tagged Osun DigiMarket Show as he assured the citizens of the State that the efforts and lofty desire of Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke to transform Osun State into Silicon Valley and tech hubs of the South West region of the Country is achievable as there are lots of programmes that he has highlighted in that regard.

According to him, “it is achievable because the State is lucky to have His Excellency, Senator Ademola Adeleke as the talk and do Governor with a big heart that wants to make life easier and better for his people as well as land, electricity and the professionals who have been in the ICT industry that know the where withal of technology”.

While re-affirming that the government of Ademola Adeleke is passionate about wanting the citizens of the State to record success in their various endeavours and generate IGR, the Commissioner emphasised that the fibre optics which is being laid is very fast, cheap and will reduce the amount spent on data while assuring them that it will soon be opened for use.

Hon. Olatunji Ayofe, stressed further that the government is bringing in the private sectors to collaborate with them through public/private partnerships on ways to create more jobs for its citizens while encouraging the youths in State to bring whatever ideas they have on the table to look at how it could be realised in order to make Osun State great adding that the Governor and his team are ready to take on any challenge aimed at bringing development to the state.

He also mentioned that he has met with the techpreneurs in the State most of the time to discuss on way forward in terms of technology in the State while admonishing the yahoo boys to channel their knowledge into something productive, useful and get more training on how to use technology to better their lots in life

Hon. Ayofe asserted that there is collaboration between his Ministry and Ministry of Education since his assumption of office to look into how the study of technology will be incorporated into the school curriculum while the Ministry has also paid a visit to the company producing tabs so as to procure such for students in JSS3 to SSS3 classes

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