Osun:Govt debunks Sahara reporters publication on Adeleke’s spending

The Osun state government has noted that the office of the Governor comprises of at least seven (7) agencies and departments of government.

The agencies under the office of the Governor includes

  • Bureau of Social Services
  • Office of Sustainable Development Goals
  • Security Department
  • Osun Investment Promotion Agency
  • Osun New Town Development Agency
  • Osun Signage
  • Osun Agriculture
  • Osun Land Banks etc
    The breakdown of the 6bn quoted as amount spent by the office of the Governor can be found below:
  • 209M for personnel cost for 771 staffs of agencies under the Governor office
  • 4bn for replacement of official vehicles carter away by past administration and ALSO for the IMOLE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OUTREACH (Phase 1 and 2)
  • 1.7B refurbishment of government offices and quarters

In addition, the 400M for publicity and advertisement were spent by all Ministries, Departments and agencies including all tertiary institutions (2 universities, 2 polytechnics and other colleges of education and health technology).

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