OPINION: Northern Governors Palliative Don Do!

All gifts and charitable efforts are all temporary palliatives to cushion temporary hardship. It’s time to grow out of it.

Northern Governors get down to work. Governor Zullum and all his other colleagues should leave the media hype coming from their states sharing food support for a more strategic achievement. That style is outdated and should be abandoned quickly.

Let’s see world class infrastructure coming down to Yobe and other parts of the North.

Let’s see human capacity development. Let’s see training of young scientists, ICT experts, Agronomists, Medical Doctors, Nurses and Engineers.

Let’s see you, Northern Governors connecting your states with rail lines.

Let’s see world class collaboration; Kano has industries, other states should feed them with raw materials.

Northern states should takeover major shares from Baro port and Ajeokuta steel and pump in resources for them to immediately takeoff.

We need to see a world class Manufacturing Company spring up from the heart of the North.

Northern states should partner with Kano and Kaduna to takeover some of the Industries that have collapsed, revive them and hold shares while creating jobs.

What is the impact of the over N2.6Trillion the 19 Northern states received in 2023 FAAC? This is excluding loans, grants and their IGR.

Yet our beloved brothers will still hang on trailers to the south to do gatemen and shoe shiners? It’s sad!

It is certainly not over population that is the problem of the North, it is purely lack of production. Nigeria as whole is just 1/6 of the Chinese population. China is 1.4 billion people in 2023.

It might be audacious, but it’s achievable, but what stops Niger from building a metro line from Suleja to Abuja. The Traffic is there.

The Guys at the New Niger Project are highly ambitious, I am sure they can deliver it.

They delivered the Minna airport, they are delivering on the 51klm part of Abuja towards Minna. They are delivering on the ring roads, teaching hospital and others, the reward for hardwork is more work.

They can Deliver a metro line from Suleja -Madalla, Zuba, Kubwa into Abuja and back..

An investment in that regards will yield billions in Return.

Remember 80% of Lagos state’s revenue is from Transportation; Water, land and Air.

If only Northern Governors can be visionary in 10 – 15 years, they would be in position to give Federal Government loans and grants.

Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Yemi Cardoso, last week handed over 2.15 million tonnes of fertilisers worth N100 billion to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Abubakar Kyari.

Is that not for Farming? Where are the farms? North!

Abeg, someone should tell Northern Governors that they should sit-up, Palliative media stunt don do!

YMU (Sai Baba)

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