Osun APC Reveling In Long Comedy of Error, More Political Tragedy Awaits Them -Osun PDP Chairman

The Osun People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has said it has found it laughable and amusing the accusation of the woefully defeated opposition party in the state (APC) of having the effrontery to make a fallacious statement against the PDP and the Governor of the state.

The party in a statement by the Acting Chairman, Dr Akindele Adekunle said he is ashamed onbehalf of the Osun Apc who instead of burying their head in shame of failing woefully as a political party are now reveling in long comedy of error and shifting blame of their bad outing at the last electoral contest in the state.

The Osun APC had accused the ruling party in the state of riding on blood to victory and equally challenging that the overwhelming victory of the PDP in different electoral contest held in the state is a charade and unacceptable to them.

“If Osun APC wants to fallaciously claim we rode on blood to victory, the people of the state are there to be the unbiased judge on this unsubstantiated claim from them.

“The people of Osun knew the party they rejected in all the election held so far and also the party that was hellbent on holding unto power by all crude means which resulted in the killing, maiming of innocent Osun citizens and destruction of their properties.

“At Ila, on the day of election, the verifiable information is out there on what the state organising secretary of APC did to an innocent citizen of this state Mr Gele, who is now unfortunately deceased.

“In Ife-South, the murder of an artisan and PDP member Mr Wole who was shot dead 24hrs to the state assembly election is currently being investigated by the Police.

“In Ife Central on the day of the election, report are online and specifically by the PUNCH Newspaper on how PDP members and voters were angry on how thugs loyal to the APC candidate was disrupting voting process in several polling units in that constituency and same situation in Osogbo with a thug loyal to the National Assembly lawmaker from the town also disrupting voting process in majority of the voting points they realised they were heavily loosing at that time. So who’s now supposed to be accused of riding on people’s blood to power?

“The situation in Ilesha and entire Ijeshaland during the election is even more disturbing where an outgoing Speaker was the one noticed giving marching orders to thugs and criminal elements to disrupt election and disrupt the peace of the community before the poll, during the poll, until he lost the election and he realised the good people of Ilesha had put a stop to his overbearing attitude with their votes.

“It is now more foolhardy of them and comedy of error to think they can hoodwink the public with fallacious and unsubstantiated statement.

“It can only be a comedy that a party who scandalously lost during the National Assembly election and equally woefully during the state Assembly election to claim the overwhelming and convenient victory of Osun PDP is unacceptable to them.

“How can a party lost woefully in three consecutive electoral contest and still have the effrontery to accused others of their failure? Well, if they think they can hide under any finger to resurrect or shift the blame of their failure, we assure them more political tragedy beckons for them very soon”, the statement reads

The PDP Chairman also challenged the Osun Police Command to take serious the idiotic allegation against them by Osun APC and their leadership, stating its high time they make a scapegoat of them or else, they will continue to drag the name of the Nigeria Police Force in the mud and the public will loose confidence in the security outfit as people will believe, they’re a security agency created purposely for the demonic party and not for Osun citizens or the general public as a whole.

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