Attempted Coup underway in Burkina Faso?

There are reports of sporadic shooting in some military barracks across Burkina Faso.

While details are sketchy , the situation is reported to be an attempted coup.

According to DW reports,

Gunshots were heard at several barracks located in the capital, Ouagadougou. The government denied social media reports that the army has seized power.

Heavy gunfire rang out from military camps in Burkina Faso, including two in the capital Ouagadougou early on Sunday morning, news agencies reported.

Weapons fire was heard at the Sangoule Lamizana camp, which houses the army’s general staff and a prison whose inmates include soldiers involved in a failed 2015 coup attempt.

The government confirmed the gunfire but denied reports on social media that the army had seized power.

“Information on social media would have people believe there was an army takeover,” government spokesman Alkassoum Maiga said in a statement. “The government, while acknowledging that there was gunfire in some barracks, denies this information and calls on the public to remain calm.”

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