Big Brother Naija unveils key tasks for All-Stars housemates

Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Naija is back with an eighth season tagged ‘Biggieverse’ unveiling activities for the housemates that are predominantly ‘All Stars’ as the winner will get a chance to win ₦120 million cash, among other prizes.

The BBNaija starting on Sunday has important tasks for every day such as Mondays with The Black Envelope Challenge. Every year, Big Brother introduces new twists to his ‘Biggieverse’.

This season, the iconic leader of the show is introducing a new spin to the usual Head of House games. However, no one knows the details yet, and they will not until the season’s first challenge.

If the game is anything like the former HOH game, it will make or break housemates’ strategy and affect their time in the house. Usually, the winner of the HOH challenge wins a reward like a personal executive room with a chosen partner of the opposite sex, immunity from the week’s nominations and veto power to save and replace housemates.

However, this may not be the case this season. Viewers must wait until Monday, July 24, 2023, at 7 pm to understand what the game means for the season.

In the same manner, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for Diary Room which has sessions affecting the fanbases a housemate can gather. They are often emotional entries into housemates’ hearts where they either connect with Big Brother and the viewers or gather a group of haters.

However, things are different this year since the all-stars already know what to expect from the diary session. So, fans should anticipate the strategic use of this session. Will your fave be the most annoying person during sessions or the cutest and heartwarming? Tune in every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1 pm to find out!

Expectedly, Tuesdays to Saturdays are for Daily Tasks as Big Brother Naija All-Stars will gather 20 housemates in a house from different backgrounds and seasons, so it may be easy to watch cliques form from day 1.

There may be bland moments if housemates only stay in their circles. Tasks and presentations force them to come out of their shells and interact. It allows for possibilities where people become friends after they connect during an activity or enemies because they clashed.

Apart from being educative, informative and exciting to watch, tasks are essential to a housemate’s journey. Enjoy daily tasks every Tuesday to Saturday from 4 pm.

Thursdays will be for Pool and Grill Party which are infamous for being the underlying cause of every formed ship, sex scandal, or triangle. Housemates get a mid-week reprieve from tasks and wager drama at the Thursday parties.

It becomes a chance to let loose, show off their banging bodies in bikinis and swim trunks, try some hanky-panky, eat barbecue and drink to their heart’s content. It also makes for a very entertaining watch. So, catch the pool parties every Thursday at 8 pm.

Saturday presents Night Rave as fun in which the housemates are allowed to feel like they are getting the club experience. It also features some of the biggest DJs nationwide and the occasional guest performance. This is the biggest BBNaija season yet, so expect the most prominent names to show up and the wildest parties from 9 pm every Saturday.

And finally is the Live Eviction show which can be considered the most important of all the activities.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the season’s host, takes centre stage as he ‘scatters tables’, asks critical questions viewers want answers to, takes fans on a recap of the week, and in most cases, sends home at least one housemate weekly.

He evicts housemates who have the least votes per week from the house, so their fans must take advantage of the tiered voting on the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps to keep them in the game. Voting is also available on the Africa Magic mobile and website.

Even if you miss any other activity, you can’t afford to miss the live shows that air every Sunday at 7 pm on Africa Magic Urban, Showcase and Family, and Showmax.


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