Dead octogenarian returns to life after ambulance hits big pothole

An 80-year-old man, Darshan Singh Brar who was declared dead by medical doctors and was being carried in an ambulance to his hometown for burial quickly came back to life after the ambulance hit a pothole, leaving everyone in a state of shock.

Reports say the octogenarian, hailed from the Indian state of Haryana, was misdiagnosed by doctors in Patiala.

Initially presumed deceased by medical experts, Brar’s lifeless body was being conveyed in an ambulance to his hometown near Karnal for his final farewell when an unexpected twist of fate altered the course of events dramatically.

In what can only be described as a stroke of divine intervention, as the ambulance carrying Brar jostled over a pothole along the journey, his vigilant grandson, who was by his side, noticed a subtle movement in his hand. Swift to act, the grandson detected a faint pulse and wasted no time in persuading the ambulance driver to divert course to the nearest medical facility.

Contrary to the earlier declaration of demise, upon Brar’s arrival at the hospital in Karnal, doctors were astounded to discover unmistakable signs of life. This miraculous turn of events has left both Brar’s family and the wider community awe-inspired.

Initially enveloped in mourning, Brar’s family now views the incident through a lens of profound gratitude for what can only be described as a divine intervention. Balwan Singh, one of Brar’s grandsons, recounted the surreal experience, recalling how preparations for his grandfather’s final rites were already underway when news of his revival reached them.

“My brother in Patiala informed us around 9 am on Thursday about our grandfather’s death, and he was getting him to Nising (roughly 100 km away) in an ambulance for his last rites. We had informed our relatives and other residents who knew him, and they had already gathered to mourn his passing,” Balwan Singh shared with NDTV.

While Dr Netrapal from Rawal Hospital refrained from validating the initial pronouncement of death, he did note that Brar arrived at the hospital displaying stable vital signs, including breathing and pulse. However, Brar’s current condition, marked by chest infections and difficulty in breathing, necessitated intensive care treatment in the ICU.

Embracing the second chance at life, Brar’s family expressed gratitude for the unexpected turn of events, emphasizing the importance of cherishing every moment together.

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