Onitiri to Voters: It’s time to vote APC out of power in Lagos

 Renowned socio-political activist  and critic, Chief Adesunbo Onitiri has urged Lagosians and residents to collect their PVCs and vote out APC government during the February 25th and March11 elections.

In a Press statement in Lagos yesterday, he appealed to them; “Your votes must surely count. Ensure members of your families and dependants, friends, neighbours and relatives collect their PVCs and vote.

“Our time to liberate our dear state from the firm grips of our oppressors has come. Don’t sit on the fence and complain.” 

Onitiri, then alleged that the people of Lagos state have not enjoyed the dividends of democracy under the APC government since it came to power despite the humongous revenues being collected.

He added that because of bad roads, lack of adequate security, transportation and essential amenities, people were made to fend for themselves.

 Onitiri lamented: “Certainly this is not the Lagos bestowed on us by our fathers. We know our good leaders like Late Mobolaji Johnson, Brig Gbolahan Mudasiru, Alhaji Lateef Jakande et cetera, who governed the state  effectively well in the past.

 “We also know those that have converted our heritage to their personal properties to  develop themselves and their immediate families. Enough is Enough. Oo to ge.”

According to him, for over 24 years the APC leaders have been in the saddle of Lagos state affairs, they have nothing to show for it except the humongous taxes being collected from the residents. 

“No portable drinking water, no good roads, no good health facilities, no housing scheme for the poor, no employment opportunities for our restive youths, except for the agberos harassing innocent motorists and collecting illegal fees”. 

Onitiri narrated that because of poor governance, Lagos had become the worst city to live in, throughout the world. 

“You can no longer sleep with your two eyes closed either because of area boys or other criminals.

This situation is no longer tolerable and acceptable.  Our mumu don do.” He said in view of all the above complaints, Lagosians must arise and speak with their votes.

“We can no longer be slaves in our land,” Onitiri, socio critic added. He advised Lagosians not to sell their votes.

“If the politicians offer you money, collect as it is our money, but vote them out. Let us show them we are now wiser. Vote your conscience. Vote wisely.”

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