Six Years On, Osun PDP Pays Tributes To Former Governor, Adetunji Adeleke

Osun State PDP again today joins family and the world to remember the first executive governor of the state, Asiwaju Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke who left this sinful world six years ago.

Senator Adetunji Adeleke will fondly be remembered for his selfless contributions to the solid foundations laid for the long term development of the state especially as the the governor who led the state from the scratch as a new state. His unparalleled accessibility and large heart will be too difficult to go away from us.

As a party, the fond memories of the late icon have helped greatly in making a better version of what a political party should represent to the people. Today, his name as one of great examples of political leaders, has helped in making a better version of our great party and endeared it even more to the people.

Death is painful to everyone with blood in his veins, however, death taking a precious leader like Senator Adetunji Adeleke is more painful.

He was a man with a good heart who cared so much about friends and family. He contributed to the development of every single person he met on his path and never seized to be an inspiration to all, even in death.

Thank you for living a great and fulfilled life, our leader, our legend, Serubawon Adetunji Adeleke.

Dr Akindele Adekunle
Osun State PDP Caretaker Committee Chairman

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