Why it is hard to fall in love again — Yomi Fabiyi

Nollywood actor and filmmaker Yomi Fabiyi cry out over the difficulty of falling in love after several failed relationships.

Recently on his Instagram page, he reveals that finding love gets harder daily, as many ladies use, dump, and even spoil his brand name.

”I have been bruised severely as most of these women pick on the soft part of me so easily. They give security assurances, pretend they want you, after using me, they show their true colour and discard disdainfully especially if you are not tied to their spell.”

”I have stopped getting involved or too available for any woman in and out of the industry, that way I may reduce my online and offline drama and altercations.”

”They come for me with blogs, comment sections and fake accounts etc despite my good actions, intentions and sacrifices towards these em(their curse and karma).”

”Not everybody is raised with loyalty and functional memory. Desperate cowards and pretenders will do anything and use anybody to achieve their aims. You loose value the moment they hit their target”.

Sad part is they don’t just try to use and dump, they try to destroy the brand, so you loose your bragging rights on them(But God judge the heart).

”One even created a terrible blog, always set me up for cyberbullying BUT today, KARMA is dealing hard with her, the syndicate and this is just the beginning for them and their household”.

”Overall, IT IS HARD TO FALL IN LOVE AGAIN for me oh. Hopefully……….”

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