N1m from wristbands: Bisi Alimi knocks Leke Adeboye, says he’s a “Fake motivational speaker”

A Nigerian activist and public speaker have reacted to Leke’s comment on making his first million-selling wristband.

“It is Adeboye’s son saying he made his first million-selling wristband for me.”

Alimi says Leke is a fake motivational speaker who is not speaking up about the motive behind his millions.

”Like the fake motivational speaking that he is, what he is not saying is.”
“I am the son of the GO. My father has millions of gullible people that will buy what we are selling.”

Selling wristbands is part of my family’s tricks to keep collecting money from the poor.

Recall that Tribune Online has it that Leke Adeboye recently said in an interview that he made his first million-selling wristband, rubber, to be precise.

Leke claimed that selling promotional items at a tiny profit of #50 or #100 at a big Christian event adds up.

(Source: Tribune, excluding headline)

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