OPINION: Oluwo, Faith And Grace,by Alli Ibrahim

No single day passes without having contact with Oluwo. Whether Kabiesi is in town or not, we will communicate. People discuss Oluwo everyday. We also review what you people say. We note commendation and observe condemnation. One thing is, we didn’t care in as much as we please God.

I have observed closely that, there is no single day Oluwo will not tell me about God. He preaches more than clerics. His just like Prophets. Oluwo is reigning to please Olodumare not human. He dedicates his throne to the one and only Creator.

My loyalty and continuous service to His Majesty is premised on his unrepentant submission to God. He trusts God. He resigns to Him. I’ve met clerics, I’m yet to meet any with such a matching magnitude of faith.

His faith must have contributed to his grace. Many have orchestrated to disgrace him but he always comes out of all stronger and better. You can’t disgrace a man under grace because the grace he carries will disgrace you.

When you see a true man of God, mind your relationship with him. Closer to him is a privilege,.manage it. If you don’t like him, stay away but mind your speech and action against them because it may hurt you before God.

Any stone you throw to hit a faithful man of God is coming back to you in multiples. The developments Iwo is witnessing is one out of the many products of his dedication to one God.

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