Sierra Leone 24 June 2023 election facts

  • The Electoral Body is the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL)
  • 21 years of uninterrupted electoral democracy
  • Sierra Leone is a Constitutional Republic with a unicameral parliament and a directly elected president
  • This election is multi-tier, with the Presidential, Parliamentary and local council elections holding concurrently.
  • The president serves a maximum of two five-year Terms
  • There are 13 candidates for this year’s presidential elections
  • One female presidential candidate
  • 19 local councils and 16 electoral districts
  • 146 members of parliament including 1 traditional ruler from each district.
  • 3630 polling centres nationwide
  • 11,832 polling stations nationwide
  • 3,374,258 registered voters
  • Voting age is 18
  • Elections are dominated by 2 political parties the Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP and the All Peoples Congress APC
  • The presidential candidate of the SLPP is incumbent President Julius Maada Bio and opposition candidate Samura Kamara of the APC.
  • Maada Bio is former military ruler. He was a key member of the junta that took over in 1992. He then led a palace coup in 1996, handing over power within 3 months to an elected civilian president, Ahmed Tejan Kabbah the same year.
  • Samura kamara served as Sierra Leone Central Bank Governor, Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Maada Bio is 59 while Samura Kamara is 72.
  • The winner of the Presidential election must secure 55% of votes cast. If no outright winner, the 2 top candidates will head to a run-off within two weeks after results is announced.
  • The candidate with the highest votes is declared winner.

Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone
Centre for Democratic Development, West Africa

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