Celebrating One Year of Leadership: Sen. Lere Oyewumi Congratulates Gov. Ademola Adeleke

Governor Ademola Adeleke’s mark one year tenure in office, Akogun Lere Oyewumi PhD, representing the OSUN West Senatorial District, extends his heartfelt congratulations to the governor.

In a statement released today, Oyewumi the Senate deputy minority leader’s media unit, praised Governor Adeleke’s commitment to the progress and development of OSUN State during his first year in office. Highlighting the governor’s initiatives in healthcare, education, infrastructure, and youth empowerment, Senator Oyewumi commended Governor Adeleke’s tireless efforts to steer the state towards prosperity.

Reflecting on the strides made in the past year, Senator Oyewumi emphasized the significance of collaborative governance and unity in achieving sustainable growth. He reiterated his support for Governor Adeleke’s vision to build a better OSUN State for all its citizens.

As the Senate Deputy Minority Leader, Senator Oyewumi acknowledged the challenges faced by the administration but lauded the resilience and determination displayed in tackling them head-on. He expressed optimism in the governor’s leadership and unwavering dedication to advancing the welfare of the people.

In conclusion, Akogun Lere Oyewumi called for continued cooperation among stakeholders, urging all to rally behind Governor Adeleke’s administration in its quest to elevate OSUN State to greater heights.Senator Akogun Lere Oyewumi’s felicitation serves as a testament to the unity and support required for sustained development under Governor Sen. Ademola Adeleke’s leadership.

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