I followed Buhari since 2022 and he finally betrayed our trust – Najaatu

Ahead of 2023 general election, a former All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain Hajiya Najaatu Muhammad has announced that she will not repeat the mistake made on Buhari for Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate.Najaatu said she followed Buhari blindfolded without an agenda and that mistake shouldn’t be repeated

During an interview on Politics, Najaatu said she followed Buhari since 2022 and finally betrayed the trust on him.

She said, “I followed Buhari and millions of people followed Buhari because they thought he will change Nigeria for the better but we never gave him an agenda, we never gave him demands, we never had an agreement with him about what we want. So this time around we have to learn from experience.

“Buhari discarded all of his followers, he discarded each and every one of us. None of us was taken to the Villa. And all the promises he made concerning corruption, security, agriculture and giving Nigerians an enabling environment, he didn’t fulfil it.

Najaatu added that, “He is serving on the most corrupt government Nigeria has ever had, he pardoned some of the biggest thieves in Nigeria. You hear of billions stolen by a particular individual and the story goes under the carpet.

“Right now we are hearing of trillions, so what is he saying, he gives directives and counter directives are given, he has failed us, he has failed on his promises. Having said that, if I can make a mistake on Buhari I can not make another mistake on Asiwaju.”

She also explained that Tinubu told her he doesn’t have any blueprint for the north but he will have a blueprint when he wins. More so, she added that she didn’t know the severity of Tinubu’s health condition until she met with him in London.

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