Babayemi Should Stop Dancing To Melodious Songs Of The Devil, Political Pickpocketing – Osun PDP

The Osun State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has once again advised Mr Dotun Babayemi to wake up to political realities in the state and learn to live within his political means, in order not to liquidate too soon, whatever remains of his worth in the field of politics.

This was contained in a release signed by, Osun PDP chairman,Hon Sunday Bisi on Sunday.

The Statement reads:

“The advice came in the wake of Babayemi’s perjurious claims against the courts regarding his several fruitless attempts to supplant the popular and collective resolve of the people of Osun State. The wicked ambush which ended in the waste bins of the supreme court has continued to inflict psychological pains on Dotun, who has been exhibiting same without decorum.

“For sake of emphasis and that of the public, no court of record restrained Osun State Chapter of the PDP from expelling Dotun Babayemi from the party for gross misconducts and anti-party activities. His expulsion from the party had been procedurally effected before he purportedly went to court for his usual ex-parte injunctions.

“And even at that, Babayemi himself had since abandoned his own case as no court in the land has given any substantive judgement invalidating his expulsion from our great party, the PDP.

“Ex-parte injunctions in the legal jurisprudence of the country last only for maximum of 14days after which the claimant is expected to pursue his substantive case if convinced of any merit in his prayers before the court. Babayemi in this wise, has failed himself or perhaps because of his catastrophic failure in his earlier contracted effort to dislodge the people’s mandate for his privileged thieving cohorts.

“Relying on a purported “Born to Die” order of injunction after he had been successfully expelled from the party, was an exhibition of ignorance taken too far. Similarly, talking about preservative order after the appellate court had quashed and tongue-lashed the lover court in a similar frivolous case, shows the level of disdain with which the likes of Babayemi hold the judiciary in the country.

The appellate court in Akure had in a similar suit involving former chairman of the party, late Hon Soji Adagunodo held that no ex-parte injunction can be made to operate in perpetuity in the guise of preservative order. It is therefore unwise and strange for a self professed legal luminary like Babayemi to amend the law in his own whims just for exigence of pains emanating from a bad contract with enemies of Osun State.

“However, while we concede to the fact that educated ignorance is a field big enough to contain all desperate and fraudulent characters, Mr Babayemi can continue to live in fools paradise of taking an ex-parte order for a substantive judgement of the court.

“Babayemi’s case to us in Osun PDP, is like a weed trying to force itself on a farmer who is driven by focus in a planting season. The weed will not survive so long the farmer maintains his focus.

“While it is true that politics remains a game of numbers, yet, indiscipline had since been identified as inimical to sustenance of such numbers as may be projected by any political organization. This is the reason the PDP will not allow the ignoble antics of Mr Babayemi to thrive and the more reason he’s been weeded off as an unwanted plant in the party. Such decision is for our great party to take on any erring member at any point in time.

The good people of Osun State are assured that the PDP government of Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke will not be distracted. The government is focused and will continue to enjoy robust support of the army of our members in order to deliver on all areas of expectations of the electorate.

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