BBNaija All Stars: Cee-C rejects Alex’s call for unity, calls her crazy, manipulative

Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’ housemates Alex and Cee-C have continued their fiery shouting match dominated by a war of words.

Recall that the duo engaged in a heated argument on Wednesday over the wager task presentation script Alex wrote.

Alex offered to write the script for the wager presentation task and expressed her displeasure at other housemates for not contributing enough to their wager task, leading to the fight that ensued between them, yesterday.

Cee-C, however, noted that she does not want to work with Alex because she doesn’t match her energy, noting she prefers to work with Seyi.

Alex said it is unfair to her and explained that she is on good terms with Cee-C as they are friends who call each other outside the house.

She expressed surprise at Cee-C’s sudden attitudinal change in the house and advised her to stop the female rivalry that existed between them 5 years ago.

Cee-C got angry at Alex’s remarks about a rivalry, retorting: “You are crazy, you are manipulative, I can’t work with you, even in the next 20 years, just off my status.”

Alex replied: “You don’t have standards, If you have, you would have seen it, You can’t work with Seyi, You are working with me.”

Ceec continued hurling words at Alex: ” Classless p** I do not have time for you, shut the f* off, You are obsessed with Cee-C, I’m not going to work with you, I wanna work with Seyi.”

Both housemates could not reach an amicable solution so Alex called the other housemates to continue their wager task presentation.

The other housemates tried to separate them and prevent a further war of words as it happened, yesterday.

Similarly, Cee-C, in a private conversation with Cross, also complained about the role she was given for her highlight.

She vowed not to play the role as it is very ‘shameful’ and believes she has better highlights than the shameful moment with Lolu in 2018.

The heated conversation started after Alex called out CeeC, Uriel, and Angel for not fully participating and being involved in the execution process after giving their negative reviews for her scriptwriting.

Cee-C also tried to defend herself by stating that she commended Alex for the ‘amazing’ script but noted that it is not a ‘story’.

Alex said she wanted constructive criticism rather than the housemates’ open disapproval and not contributing to the task.

After the fight, the housemates called for a meeting at the lounge to settle the brawl.

Although Alex and Ceec have since moved on after the fight that ensued between them in 2019, during the Double Wahala show, with Cee-C apologizing and reconciling with Alex at the reunion, another fight ensued on Wednesday.


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