Hon. Clement Akanni Takes Action to Address Power Supply Issues in Ila Federal Constituency

In his quest to bring a lasting solution to the electricity crisis in Ila federal constituency, Hon. Clement Akanni has met with the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Power, and other Directors in the ministry, in Abuja.

During the visit, Hon. Clement Akanni discussed the frequent power outages plaguing the Ila Federal Constituency. He stressed the need for a collaborative effort to address this pressing issue.

The meeting proved to be highly productive, as both parties reached a concrete agreement to tackle the power supply challenges head-on. Recognizing the importance of reliable electricity for the livelihoods of constituents, Hon. Clement Akanni shed light on the adverse impact the power deficit has had on local businesses and residents in Ila town.

He further added that “the prolonged power shortages have not only disrupted daily life but have also hindered the overall development and well-being of the constituency, leading to restlessness among the youth”.

Acknowledging the urgency and significance of the matter, the Ministry of Power has assured Hon. Clement Akanni of their unwavering commitment to resolving the power supply challenges in the Ila Federal Constituency.

To kickstart the resolution process, a delegation of engineers will be dispatched to Ila Federal Constituency immediately after the Salah celebration to assess the situation on the ground and provide immediate solutions.

The meeting at the Ministry of Power was attended by Hon. Clement Akanni, the representative of Ila Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Engr. Temitope Fashidemi, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Power, Engr. Mustopha, the Director overseeing Distribution, and Seyi Babatunde from Ifedayo Local Government.

The collective dedication demonstrated during this engagement reflects the commitment of both the Ministry of Power and Hon. Clement Ademola Akanni Olohunwa to bring about a positive change in the power supply situation for the Ila Federal Constituency.

Hon. Clement Akanni urges all residents of the Ila Federal Constituency to remain hopeful and united during this process. He emphasizes his unwavering commitment to serving the constituents and pledges to exert every effort to address the power supply challenges, foster progress, and enhance the quality of life for all.

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