Osun lawmaker, Irekandu set to offer scholarship to 70 students

The legislator representing Obokun State Constituency in the State House of Assembly, Hon Adewumi Adeyemi popularly known as Irekandu has continued his scholarship program for Obokun indigenes in the constituency’s basic and secondary schools by adding 49 beneficiaries to the existing ones.

This was contained in a press statement personally signed by him and made available to newsmen on Tuesday morning.

Recall that twenty-one (21) needy students received full scholarships two years ago, and thirty-nine (39) recipients were announced during the legislator’s birthday celebration this year. However, the number of recipients eventually increased to forty-nine (49) students due to the nation’s economic woes.

The legislator revealed that only 70 were selected as beneficiaries across towns in the state constituency following a careful review.

“I will cover the primary-age students’ tuition costs till they finish their primary schooling and also do the same for those in secondary schools.”

He noted that on Thursday after each beneficiary had received their study aids such as textbooks, exercise books, school bags, and writing materials, cash would be made available to each of the students to take care of other personal and school needs.

He said; “I want to let you know that 70 indigenes have been picked across Obokun State Constituency as beneficiaries of full scholarships.”

Irekandu pointed out that the scholarship was for natives of the Obokun constituency regardless of their parents’ political and religious affiliations, denying charges of political bias in the list-making process.

Irekandu pledged to keep working harder for the weak and helpless who are interested in learning while urging other public officeholders to emphasize education and help reduce the number of youngsters who are not in school in the nation.

“All children have the right to a high-quality education, regardless of where they reside or their circumstances. Instead of offering justifications, we must seek solutions. That’s what we’re doing”, Irekandu concluded.

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