Osun Tribunal judgment: Adeleke still Osun Governor – Ajagunla

SENATORIAL candidate of the Osun Central People’s Democratic Party, Ajagunla Olubiyi Fadeyi, has reassured the good people of Osun State that notwithstanding the compromised ruling of the Osun Election Petition Tribunal, Senator Adeleke Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke still remains the Executive Governor of the State.

Reacting to what he describes as a travesty of justice and rape on our democratic tenets and people’s mandate, the PDP senatorial candidate posited that no matter the degree of manipulations by the All Progressives Congress in conjunction with the Tertsea Kume-led election tribunal, such miscarriage of justice against the good people of Osun State will amount to a nullity in the end.

The Senator-in-the-making encouraged the people of Osun State not to exercise fear and trepidation over the pre-empted judgment, adding that a democratically elected governor shall stay in office and continue to execute his duties as the State Chief Executive as long as a notice of appeal is given against the judgment within 21 day from the date of the judgment.

“Dear good people of Osun State, rest assured that Senator Adeleke Ademola remains the governor of the State. Also, we are certain to win any future elections in the State against the conspirators. Today’s tribunal judgement is one that will never stand. Our team of lawyers will get to any legal height possible to fight the glaring judicial error meted on the popular mandate freely given by the good people of Osun Central.

“It is also absolutely ridiculous, shameful and questionable that a judge appointed to decide such a weighty electoral matter could not hide his hatred for executive governor of the State by writing “2nd Respondent cannot dance lo lo lo lo and Buga won” in his jaundiced judgement. This alone has exposed his partiality and also raises questions on his integrity.

“Let us all remain steadfast and hopeful as we approach the appellate court for justice. Notwithstanding the outcome of today’s judgement, in the end we shall have the last laugh”, Ajagunla concluded.

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