I won’t frustrate you, vote someone who will not touch people’s means of livelihood – Jando tells Voters

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship Candidate in Lagos State, Dr Abdul-Azeez Adediran, on Friday explained that he was committed to bringing a new dawn of hope and prosperity to residents of the state if elected in the forthcoming elections.

Adediran, commonly known as Jandor, in company with other party leaders and candidates, disclosed this during his grassroots engagement with traders and other groups in the Surulere Local Government Area.

During an interactive session with the leadership of Building Materials Association in the council area, Adediran pledge to run a populist government that would give priority to the welfare of the residents.

The governorship candidate analyzed that his ward tour was aimed at getting to know the challenges the people were facing at the grassroots, promised that if elected into office he would address all the challenges facing the people and their businesses.

“By God’s grace, I will correct all the abnormalities and wrongs in the state.

“We shall create employment and run a robust economy to create wealth for all and a new dawn that everyone is expecting in Lagos is possible.

“No man can do it, but God alone. We believe that God can do it. What APC has done in Lagos is enough,” he said.

Jandor said that his administration planned to end all forms of extortions and harassments in the state.

After the residents and traders of Ifesowapo Market complained about flooding in the area, Adediran, who inspected a canal at Oriole, promised to address the problem of flood in the state.

He promised that if elected as governor, massive infrastructural renewal would be carried out to address the perennial flooding in some parts of the state.

“By His Grace, we are going to correct all the issues that cause flooding in the state.

“We will ensure proper channeling of water when we come in. Go and rest, there is no problem, we will do our best when we get into office,” he promised.

Also meeting with a group of iron dealers, Adediran, who praised the contributions of Igbos to the economy of the state, pledged to protect their investment.

“We must protect you and your businesses. You are like the goose that is laying the golden eggs.

“We must put a stop to all extortions and harassments that will not allow you to do your business.

“We are assuring you that we are going to do things right.

“I know that the Lagos that you want is one that your children will be seen as part of us 100 per cent and that is the Lagos we are bringing in. We will do better than what is on ground now.

“It’s about time to elect a business-minded individual, who will not touch people’s means of livelihood with his policies. You are creating jobs for many and I will not frustrate you,” he promised.

He noted that “he chose to visit where people live and do businesses because he wanted to know their challenges and run a masses-friendly government.

“Let us try something else and see Lagos work. We will put a stop to all forms of harassment,” he stated

The groups at different meetings plead Adediran not to forget the masses in his policies and programmes, if elected.

However, the PDP campaign train was attacked by political thugs in the Coker area of Aguda, making it the third attack in the last few days.

Some hoodlums were reported to have shot guns and destroyed some of the campaign vehicles in Adediran’s convoy.

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